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Fancy Goldfish for sale

2023-09-11 12:07   Fish & Aquariums   Queens   111 views Reference: 6482

Location: Queens

Price: $34

Goldfish are hardy, fascinating fish that are fairly easy to care for, which makes them one of the first choices for kids and classroom pets. Unlike tropical fish, goldfish will live in a wide range of water temperatures. Most goldfish are peaceful and schooling fish that mix well with other goldfish. They come in a variety of striking colors with fascinating features like telescoping eyes and a veiltail. They are best suited for a larger aquarium with lots of filtration (e.g., outside power filter).
Name: Assorted Fancy Goldfish (LG)
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Group information: Fancy Goldfish and Koi
Experience Level: Intermediate
Housing: Tank Size - 20 gallons per fish
Behavior: Peaceful
Compatibility: Non-schooling
Swim Level: Middle